PRICING:  Campers ages 18 and older are $25, ages 13-17 are $10 and under 12 are free.  Camping prices do not include admissions to the rodeo.

REGISTRATION:  Opens at 12 noon Wednesday, August 31.  All campers, visitors and guests  must be registered at the office upon arrival and prior to entering the campground. All fees must be paid upon arrival. Registered campers are responsible for ensuring their visitors have properly registered in the office, and that all campground rules are followed.  This is a rustic camp ground with no electrical or water hook-ups for RV's.

QUIET HOURS: 10:00PM - 8:00AM. The quality of rest and relaxation is important to all campers, so please refrain from loud noises and disturbances during this period. Please ensure your children remain at your site until 8:00AM. Our quiet hours are strictly enforced.

PETS: Sparta Rodeo grounds is pet-friendly, but owners will be totally responsible for their pets at all times. Pets cannot be left unattended at any time, and must be on a leash when not inside your RV.  You are totally liable for your pet should there be any claim.  Dogs are not permitted in the arena area during all events.

CAMPFIRES: If you want to have a campfire you need to bring a portable above ground fire pit which MUST HAVE A METAL BOTTOM.  NO BOTTOMLESS FIRE RINGS. Campfires must be kept knee-high or below, and not left unattended. Fire pits must NOT be used to dispose of cans, bottles, or other household trash. 

FIREWOOD / TREES: No cutting of trees/firewood is allowed in the campground or adjoining properties. Please do not drive nails into, or disfigure trees. 

PRIVACY:  Please respect the privacy of other campers and the owners by not walking thru or between occupied sites.  Please use designated roadways and pathways when walking or riding through the property.

ZERO TOLERANCE: Absolutely no firearms, fireworks, or explosives. Absolutely no fighting or drugs.  Failure to cooperate will result in immediate removal from the property and camper forfeits all rights to a refund.

The use of ATV’S and golf carts are to be used by staff only. 

We are all guests on this property, please clean up and dispose of all trash and take all of your belongings with you when you leave.

Thank you for choosing to stay at the Sparta Rodeo grounds.  We are happy to have you as our guest.  We will do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable camping experience.

Camping Rules